Loud and Clear

Evertrain Proposal 2017

collaboration | Reimagination

Pre production | Shoots

LG and I share an undying passion to create and be a part of something organic. We want to collaboratively be a part of the visual brand.  We can provide Evertrain a steady library of fresh content for all platforms. 

We can do large scale shoots quarterly as well as handling any other imagery needed in between.  

- Quarterly idea pitch and mood board to present.

- 1 curated (full day) shoot a quarter.

- Art Director/stylist, Photo Assistant, hair and makeup, equipment. 

- Supplemental shoots in between when needed.



Post Production | Delivery | Usage

Images will be professionally retouched and edited. The final product will be delivered 2 weeks from the shoot date. Evertrain has exclusive rights to the images and unlimited usage for social, email blasts, web, etc. Images can be pulled from the archive and edited as requested. 


- 2 week turn around for large projects. 

- 1 week turn around for smaller projects. 

- Unlimited retouching hours. 

- Rush turn around time (48 hours from notification).

- Unlimited usage for web, social media, and web.